Hellhammer - Satanic Rites


South American import of one of the best demos ever !!!

Although extreme metal pioneers Venom had unleashed their brand of nihilistic fury upon the rock music community twice before, 1983 was definitely a year when the whole movement was kicked off with a massive assault from different bands around the world. Drawing from the same influences like all sorts of British heavy metal/hard rock or emerging hardcore punk scene, Exciter, Metallica, Anthrax or Overkill were busy forging and releasing a hard-hitting material, which would form a frame of the entire speed/thrash metal trend a couple of years later. But while the formula crafted by those acts established the way of delivery for intense, up-beat bands like Whiplash, Exhumer, Tankard, Iron Angel, Nuclear Assault and countless others, the certain bands practiced something way murkier and more punishing, discovering completely new horizons.