Heimdalls Wacht


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A sign, a warning, a stark reminder of what once was and will never be again!
Heimdalls Wacht return after a seven year absence and are again assaulting the world with their vision of underground metal.
Sonic expressions of world weariness! Screaming desperation! Crushing rage! Ethereal melancholy!

The bands lyrics and music express deep feelings of discomfort with the dreariness of the zeitgeist and the intellectual monotony of the masses. Having nothing but contempt in their hearts for modern consumerism that eschews personal happiness and ignores a person’s inner wealth.
Culture - decline - decay - tragedy - contempt - rebellion - the feeling to be lost in the modern world... All of these are aspects that can be found in Heimdall Wacht's concept.
The neo-romantic art project is based on the analogy that Heimdall awakens from his long sleep as a ragged figure and looks at this new world that is no longer his full of incomprehension, melancholy and anger.