Heathen Foray - Weltenwandel LP (Orange vinyl)


Limited to 150 copies.

For some reason, although I suppose not surprisingly, I kept getting recommendations to check Heathen Foray out based on Amon Amarth comparisons. Yeah, we get the ephemeral similarities in subject matter, but these Austrians feel more like a Viking metal band first, with whatever genre is used as a springboard added later, and generally with less adherence to a stable framework regarding approach. Yes, there are sprightly melodic death flourishes dotting the landscape, but there is a sense of restrained grandiosity to the entire affair - at times certainly very epic sounding, and not in the trite, played out manner hinged on pure excess alone. I'm not the biggest proponent of this style but I am quite fond of Equilibrium and especially Wolfchant. Germans always seem to pull this style off with verve and panache, and Heathen Foray are (at times) a worthy peer.