Haemorrhage ‎– Hospital Carnage -CD


Yes, five long years have passed, but it doesn’t mean that Haemorrhage was bathing in luxury and prosperity after releasing “Apology In Pathology”. No yachts, no private aeroplanes, no plastic surgeries… Being deeply rooted in metal underground they released some split, live and demo performances. Comparing to the previous album, the only change was a deal with Relapse Records, and I think it is very good move, maybe it is a chance to conquer America. So the first thing I would like to notice is production. Maybe it hasn’t such a merciless and smashing feeling like predecessor, but drums have new life here, they sound superbly, even they are audible during bestial surgical blasts. In general realization of sound is very clear yet it has no modern sterility. Before writing about musical content I have to distinguish the front cover made by Luisma himself, it refers perfectly to the band’s image. The line-up is still the same, so what about the music (or de-compositions)??? Here I’d like to assure everybody: no fuckin’ surprises!!!

“Hospital Carnage” is opened by the slowest “Open Heart Butchery”, a real mid tempo track, but do not consider this as a ballad, the fast parts are present also. With the first words of Lugubrious (maligna vox) “Rushed into butchery…” I have an impression that this opener is like a calm before the storm. And the next “Traumageddon” is a storm of gore grind indeed. Some birdcalls on the beginning may lead you into error. After few seconds a real ‘surgerygeddon’ became effective crusher of your mind. This decomposition is completely in the vein of Haemorrhage style: furious blasts and some slowdowns in the chorus. I think it will be the next highlight on the live shows. But what is interesting, I can write such words about many songs from the album. As compared with “Apology For Pathology”, the band shows incredible catchy guitar works, of course in gore grind meaning. Many songs are easily recognized by the first meeting (the first two songs, “Fomite Fetish”, “911”, Hospital Thieves”, Ingreso Cadaver” with lyrics written in Spanish, “Necronatology”…). The next thing, Ana took a lead guitar and decorated songs with quite melodic solos, just take a listen to “Flesh-devouring Pandemia”, “Hospital Thieves”, “Hypochondriac” and “Necronatology”. And to be honest, “Necronatology” seems to be the best decomposition in this deranged hospital. It is also the longest one (4:46), but do not expect doom undertones here. The first part of this track is maintained in mid-paced tempo, with Lugubrious words “… born on the mortuary slab” my brain cells are attacked by really great group of riffs. The second part is a real hurricane: pure gore grind with melodic (???) solo lead on the end. The last track: “Intravenous Molestation Of Obstructionist Arteries (O-Pus VI)” is in turn the shortest song lasting almost one minute. And here I have to raise an objection: it rather disturbs the overall atmosphere, the similar situation is in the perception of “Morgue Sweet Home”, so better is to put this track in the middle of the album. All right, the last words belong to the ‘singer’ called Lugubrious and his beautiful maligna vox. To be honest with myself I have to declare: forget about any surprises. His vocal cords are just classic in the genre, his is still on the vocal top, just listen and stay in full admiration…