Haemorrhage ‎- Grume CD


'Grume' mixes punky grindcore with dirty death metal, with former being the dominating style. It's brutal blasting inferno, nasty death metal and groovy stuff, but generally on the faster side. Haemorrhage haven't invented anything new, but they have their own, distinctive sound. I do not know if there's point in name picking the creators such as Carcass and Repulsion, but what's done is done. The guitars are metallic and rusty, bass is harsh and mixed up front and drums are also loud. The sound is raw yet every nuance is well audible. Speaking about the nuances, there are fine things happening at times, which one might not even notice during first spins, e.g. a bass solo can't be a bad thing, eh?! Full, in-your-face, and organic are fitting adjectives to describe the sound here. Spain's warm climate didn't tame Haemorrhage, because this is one sweaty job! Energy level's high and joy of bashing out some filthy shit can be heard.