GWAR - The Blood Of Gods 2-LP

GWAR - The Blood Of Gods 2-LP

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Gatefold jacket, includes printed lyrics insert, a 23.5" by 33" (approx.) poster folded in eighths.

So, how does ‘The Blood of Gods’ do at continuing the journey of GWAR? I think that the album did as a good a job as it possibly could have. There are undoubtedly a few hiccups here and there, and the album treads water a few times. For example, the love rock anthem of ‘I’ll Be Your Monster’ feels like a retread of ‘Bloody Mary’ from ‘Violence Has Arrived’, except done flatter. On the flipside, the album has a distinct and modern sound to it, ever impressive performances, and honest to God, songs that are works of art. At worst, the album can be described as hit or miss. At best, it’s a loving tribute to a member that will not be soon forgotten. There’s a metric ton of heart, and that’s what matters in any work of art in the end.