GUILLOTINE - Blood Money LP (Black Vinyl)

GUILLOTINE - Blood Money LP (Black Vinyl)

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Limited edition on black vinyl. Limited to 500 copies.
Includes insert with lyrics.

Guillotine’s rare appearance hasn’t been very active since 1995, besides removing Frank Mannberg and Nils Eriksson from the abomination that has become Nocturnal Rites for a brief period of solace. “Blood Money,” though, acts unquestionably special for a side-project, especially when considering how much talent these two men have when appearing on Guillotine. And did I mention they know what makes thrash enjoyable? Originally, I thought this record would rank itself among Evile, Warbringer, Fall Out Boy, and other “thrash revival” disruptions, but “Blood Money” has the image and foundation to solidify thrash without mercy. No melody, gimmicks, or half-assed mainstreamed crap like Nocturnal Rites…just thrash.


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