Grave - You´ll Never See CD


Grave are back after the furious debut album “Into The Grave” with this new killer effort. “You’ll Never See…” album is fucking brutal again! The production is raw and clearer than on the first album and the songwriting is more mature.

The title track as opener, is the true killer song here. The riffs are awesome for some pure headbanging and the extremely rotten break in the central part is incredible. The band seems was passing through a period of changes in the music style in my opinion: there is always the brutality of the first album but the tempo parts are less fast with an eye to the future evolution. “Now And Forever” is a good example of what I said: the guitars riffs are always fast but the drummer slows down a bit, except for the bass drum.

Probably they wanted to focus their attention on the extremely obscure melodies, like in “Morbid Way To Die” (with a good up tempo during the guitar solo). The refrains are always extremely catchy, not inconsistent like in “Soulless” album, and true fucking good for you neck…The growls are far more powerful and rotten than in their first effort and they seem to come out directly from the underground. “Obsessed” starts fast with some up tempo parts to become obscurely mid-paced, with a fast bass drum. The tempo changes are numerous, and some synth sounds contribute in creating a true obscure aura.

“Grief” song starts as a mid tempo to become an up one. The drums sound is raw and the guitars are like chainsaw in their distortion, in pure Swedish style. At this point my neck is begging for mercy but with “Severing Flesh” I cannot relax: the growls here are inhuman and the whole song is fantastic with some arpeggios and tremolos in the final part. “Brutally Deceased”: already from the title you should understand everything…pure old school Swedish fury with some hellish up tempo sections.

With the dark guitar lines and dismembering up tempo in “Christi(ns)anity” we reach the way out to this nightmare called “You’ll Never Nee…”. An incredibly obscure album…one of the gloomiest I’ve ever listen to. A pleasure for every death metal fan…buy it without fear.