Grafvitnir - Obeisance To A Witch Moon LP (Black vinyl)


I am a massive fan of all things speed in the genre of black metal and the second wave, back in the mid-nineties, is the era I most enjoy. Bands like Thy Primordial, Sorhin and Marduk are some of my all time favorites. Had these maniacs released material like this in the golden age they would have been legends. Sadly its 20 years to late but luckily for you its freely available. The album that could sum up their career most adequately if you are also a worshiper of the second wave scene is Setherial's - Lords of the Night Realm and anyone familiar with that slab of pulverizing brutality knows what a hell ride of satanic glory they are in for on this release from Daemon worship productions.

The drums are played at maximum speed throughout and are loaded with drum rolls aplenty. The tempo on the skins is at warp speed and hammers away incessantly in a nightmarish whirlpool. The rhythm guitar is laden with tremolo picking and the bands slows things down from time to time just enough before the next onslaught commences. There is almost zero bass guitar to speak of so no comment in that department. The vocals are a touch monotonous and could have been a bit more varied but this is a minor niggle to the bigger picture. Themes and of darkness, death, decay and damnation which is what we all crave anyways.

Obeisance to a witch moon clocks in just under 40 minutes and the general feel is one of razor speed mayhem. This band goes for the jugular and doesn’t let up until the CD comes to a smoking end after track #9, the album titles closer. This band certainly warrants checking out if you are into hyper speed black metal. Satan is pleased and so will you be