Gospel Of The Horms - Eve Of The Conqueror CD


The first 4 tracks are the bands best work by far. The sound very clear but very dense and heavy almost destroyer666 sound. When i saw them live in Dec 2003 they playedfirst 4 tracks of this Ep even Sinners and they all killed. Desolation Descending,Eve of the Conqueror,Time To Strike and Gospel Of The Horns well have you head banging in no time. I would say that the sound on this Ep is the same on there recent Lp, very well done. The sinners track on here is taken of there demo i think as the production is not as good as others but it still kills. Most songs are mid-fast with tons of tempo changes through put all songs. The track Gospel of the horns is one of the best ever in Australain metal. You like destroyer666, Vomitor or Atomizer this is a must. Buy it or die