GORGOROTH - Under The Sign Of Hell CD

GORGOROTH - Under The Sign Of Hell CD

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Under the sign of hell was Gorgoroth´s third full length after some praised releases like their demo “a sorcery written in blood”. Gorgoroth has always been a very “simple” band in the sense that they have never shown high production values or over technique when they execute their instruments. Let´s say that they want to transmit the most primitive and raw nature of their music. However, don’t be fooled by the meaning of the word “simple”! Under the sign of hell is not simple in an amateur or naive way, these demons play their instruments with such hateful commitment that all songs are memorable, there are no fillers in this album. There is a certain feeling of primitiveness, though, not in the Transilvanian Hunger tradition; this record sounds more menacing and obscure.

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