GORGOROTH - Under The Sign Of Hell 2011 Digipack CD

GORGOROTH - Under The Sign Of Hell 2011 Digipack CD

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Alright. This is something that was unexpected a few years ago, but it happened. As it's obvious, Gorgoroth re-recorded all the songs of a very old album they did before. Some people complain about it, others don't care, but I found this recording extremely interesting. That's because these songs were always a great part of Gorgoroth's history, but they never sounded fine on the original record. And if you, as me, live outside the range of countries where this band always tours, it's quite refreshing to hear them (finally) with top-notch quality. Maybe this was not for people who enjoy the raw recordings of regular black metal. It was made to sound powerful. That's it.

The whole thing was engineered by the band's drummer, Thomas Asklund, who is a very technical and perfectionist drummer. That's why you will find triggered drums, sharp and clear guitars, and a very well-balanced mix in this album. The vocals fit very well in the music since Pest has a lot of talent. The clearness of the guitars (which doesn't lessen its power, by the way) allows the listener to appreciate the speed and the details that guitarist Infernus actually produces with his wrists. This couldn't be noticed in the old version. As for what concerns the songs, in case you haven't heard them before, some of them are fast (for Gorgoroth's standards), some of them are mid-tempo, and others are even slow, so there's a good amount of variety.

Is there any point that deserves to be criticized? Maybe yes. Even though it lets the listener appreciate these old songs in a clear way, it's obvious that the surprise element is much less present than in unedited songs of any band. Maybe Gorgoroth could have shocked the audience with new songs composed in the vein of the old ones and with an extra touch of unexpected arrangements, but that's just a remote possibility that didn't come to happen. So coming back to reality, it's possible to say that this experienced band has made a high standard version of one of their classics. There's a lot of new energy and effort from the band put in here. Quite good reasons for listening to it. Enjoy it!

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