GORGOROTH - Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt Gatefold LP (Black Vinyl)

GORGOROTH - Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt Gatefold LP (Black Vinyl)

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So, the first song "Aneuthanasia" plays. This song gives a good introduction to what the album is like; powerful and raw. The new former vocalist Pest is back, and he certainly delivers. I might add that this is without the addition of highly edited vocals, something that was very obvious with Gorgoroth's previous vocalist Gaahl.

But it's with the second song "Prayer" that this album really shows its true colours, or darkness I should say. Along with this song, the highlights of Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt are "New Breed", "Cleansing Fire" and of course "Satan-Prometheus". The song "Rebirth" is another highlight being the most slow paced track, yet also the most atmospheric. There really isn't any filler, only perhaps two tracks that don't stand out as much. There is also a rather atmospheric outro "Introibo Ad Alatare Satanas" which ends the album nicely.

But what about the technicalities of all the instruments? Well, everything is almost solid. The vocals and lead guitar are definitely there. The drumming for the most part is brilliant, although doesn't compare to the older days of Gorgroth. And the bass doesn't stand out so much either. But this is just nit picking and has little to no effect on how listenable this album is.

All in all, the rebirth of Gorgoroth is a very welcome return, especially in this current state of black metal, and entire metal industry in general. Infernus and Pest have taken a new direction with Gorgoroth, yet without ripping off their old material. Any fan of black metal must buy this album.

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