GORGOROTH - Antichrist LP (Marbled Vinyl)

GORGOROTH - Antichrist LP (Marbled Vinyl)

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Gorgoroth’s second full length release, Antichrist, is a worthy successor to their masterpiece of a debut, and is commonly viewed as a classic in the Norwegian black metal movement. Despite its short length (only twenty five minutes long), and the fact that it generally displays a more straightforward black metal style, I would argue that Antichrist holds just as much quality material as Gorgoroth’s other classics, namely Pentagram and Under the Sign of Hell.

This is an essential Gorgoroth release for various reasons, some of them being difficult to explain. The sound can be seen as a natural continuation of Pentagram, but manages to sound quite different at the same time. The primitive, signature production has been retained from the debut, yet has been reinterpreted in a slightly clearer way. The atmosphere remains intact, but the instruments are given more of an opportunity to stand out. In addition, the songs are more melodic in nature, yet are still just as blistering as ever (save for the more chaotic moments of Under the Sign of Hell). On the subject of musicianship, Infernus’ song writing is as strong as ever. In fact, I would safely say that the five songs on this album showcase some of his best, most unholy riffs ever.