Gorgoroth - Antichrist CD


In 1996 Gorgoroth released their second album “Antichrist” and with it came some of the most raw, atmospheric black metal of the time. For Gorgoroth this was very much true black metal because it was at a time before fame, controversy and criminal convictions thus making distinction between the true Gorgoroth fans and those who are drawn to it for the rebellious nature.

For this album there was a slight line-up change within the band from their previous album Pentagram. First off and probably most obviously apparent is that the band has two different vocalists for this record, there is Hat who sings on the majority of the albums (and whom we know from the previous album), and then there is Pest the new vocalist who performs backing vocals on some of the tracks and all of the vocals on “Possessed by Satan.” As for instrumentation, for this album Infernus decided to pick up the bass himself, as well as recruiting Frost from Satyricon to play the drums.