GORGASM - Destined To Violate Gatefold LP (Silver Vinyl)

GORGASM - Destined To Violate Gatefold LP (Silver Vinyl)

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What is brutal death metal? Well, brutal death metal is an even more extreme variation of death metal. The guitars are down tuned even further, the drums are more maniacal, and the vocals are completely inhuman and guttural sounding. Gorgasm is a textbook definition of brutal death metal. They have the very fast drumming, extremely guttural vocals, lyrics about depravity and gore, and very technical guitar playing, though what makes these gentlemen stand out from the millions of try-hard clones ripping of Devourment slam riffs? Well, Gorgasm throw in a multitude of different musical ideas and technicalities to their own version of extreme death metal. Now brutal death metal doesn't take much talent to create, let's be real here. Most of the riffs in this music genre are rip-offs of Devourment and Suffocation's "Liege of Inveracity" and the vocals are usually pig squeals or inhumanely deep gurgles. The vocalists gurgle and squeal the most mundane gore infested lyrics they can think of. How many times can you sing about how the human body can be dismembered and the most extreme of sexual perversions? Also, how many things can you do with the same slam riff repeated over and over again? A problem with this genre is too much receptiveness and too many bands sounding like each other

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