Gorephilia ‎- In The Eye Of Nothing LP (Black vinyl)


At a time when hybrid styles are taking over, there are still death metal bands like Gorephilia that remain faithful to a more orthodox approach, linked to a more visceral side of the genre. This greater conservatism, besides conveying the artist's aesthetic taste, also preserves the legacy of earlier bands that helped to build the foundations of death metal. With their first EP and two subsequent full-lengths, Finnish Gorephilia clearly positioned themselves on that conservative side of the barricade without, however, remaining static. While their debut album Embodiment of Death displayed a heavy, dense sound, sometimes bordering on brutal death metal, their 2017 follow-up Embodiment of Death has already shown a more atmospheric, murky approach. This mutation has revealed an adversity to stagnation that I find quite relevant, showing not only an exciting creative impulse but also a markedly open personality (within the style).