Gorement - The Ending Quest LP (Black vinyl)


Gorement are another of the Swedish cannon that proved to lack the staying power of their more well-known countrymen. But their sole LP from 1994, ‘The Ending Quest’, is a significant album by any metric. The production, whilst not exactly raw, is definitely rough around the edges. The guitar tone is muddy as fuck, but this suits the mid-paced death metal that blasts out of the speakers; as long, sustained chords carry along doom laden leads that invoke the inevitability of our existence. In what feels like the true legacy of Bolt Thrower, Gorement make use of basic shifts in tempo from chaos to order to downright sluggish, and exploit the spaces between to create drama and majesty out of the simplest musical components. But where they really shine is how they build on this simple framework with a more sophisticated approach to narrative compositions. Whilst a lot of Bolt Thrower from this era is among my favourite in extreme metal, there is no denying that their approach was often deliberately simple in order to convey the illogical and brute horror of war. Gorement are aspiring to a more epic and transcendental artistry on ‘The Ending Quest’.