GOREFEST - Tangled In Gore / Horrors In A Retarded Mind CD

GOREFEST - Tangled In Gore / Horrors In A Retarded Mind CD

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The production on this demo is killer. Every instrument is played with angry young hatred. The way all great old death was. I got this demo when it was released and have not for one second stopped loving every fucking morbid note. This is a perfect example of what a great old band that gave their all at one time could do. The guitar , the bass and drums and the voice , holy shit was this guys voice sick. If you dare say your a Gorefest fan and you've never heard this than go fucking kill yourself you poser because this demo Tangled In Gore is exactly what death metal was all about .

Gorefest's second demo features the introduction of dynamics, a welcome contrast to the relentless aggression of their first. Prominent melodies make their way in at times, and there are dynamics and some breathing space, rather than a suffocating wall of distortion and howling. It's still dirty, downtuned death metal with guttural vocals, but it's the first few steps in the refinement that their professional career would showcase.