Gold - No Image LP


GOLD was founded in part by THE DEVIL'S BLOOD guitarist Thomas Sciarone. THE DEVIL'S BLOOD has been on my playlist for a while and I can definitely hear the influence which helps explain my initial attraction to the band.

I was instantly hooked on GOLD's latest release “No Image”, it's a chimera of musical genres, sort of like if Batcave was thrown into a food processor with Post Punk and Metal. It's a weird mix, but it's damn delicious. GOLD describes their sound as “Post-Everything Dark Rock”, a term that's about on the head as you can get. “And I Know Now” is a great track for seeing what an amalgamation of styles GOLD put into this album. It starts with a Post-Punk riff and dives into a state of Doom and dark Pop vocals. “Servant” is probably my favorite track, it has a good beat like a dark Swing song. It's not as diverse as “And I Know Now” but still shows off GOLD's experimental talent. “Taste Me” is a good concluding track, it still carries the dark vibe but it sounds more like a Post-Rock song and escalates to a euphoric, upbeat conclusion. It really makes the album feel “done”, like the ending to a good book.

After listening to “No Image” for a while I decided to check out GOLD's earlier full-length album, “Interbellum”, I didn't take to it as much as their latest release, I could still tell it was the same band, but it was more standard Rock, it was a bit off-putting after being introduced to them through “No Image”.

Regardless, this manifest is an addicting album and damn near perfect, GOLD are experts at pulling off different sounds and each song they create acts as a vessel for their passion.