GODKILLER - The Rebirth Of The Middle Ages CD

GODKILLER - The Rebirth Of The Middle Ages CD

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Godkiller is the rather unproductive (a couple of demos, and EP and two albums in 16 years) and little-noticed project of Duke Satanaël, also known for his participation in some French black metal bands. This project never really stood still, going from death metal, melodic black metal and several other things with these few recordings. Melodic black metal, however, was the idea when The Rebirth of the Middle Ages was created. This is the band’s only EP and, given the Duke’s insanely variable subgenre placement (I doubt there are two recordings of the same actual type of music), one can safely say that the twenty or so minutes of music here are unique in that nothing similar was produced elsewhere (by Duke Satanaël). Quite a pity that, since this is some of the finest music to have graced my ears, a gem among gems in the world of black metal.

The Rebirth of the Middle Ages is a pure masterpiece of evocation translated through one of the most well-constructed black metal recordings in existence. I really do try to stay away from rewarding too many high ratings in my reviews, but what hope is there for such attempts when something like this comes along? I cannot possibly stress just how valuable this recording is within the universe of black metal; get it now!

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