GOD DETHRONED - Under the Sign Of The Iron Cross LP (Black Vinyl)
God Dethroned

GOD DETHRONED - Under the Sign Of The Iron Cross LP (Black Vinyl)

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God Dethroned. It's a name familiar to many a metalhead. Though they officially disbanded last year, the four piece from the Netherlands delivered what rightfully deserves the title of "magnum opus" - the definitive listening experience that is God Dethroned. 2010's Under the Sign of the Iron Cross delivers a record of stunning musicianship, blistering speed, and a powerful presence that will leave you speechless during and after the running time of thirty-seven minutes. This is a beast of a record; blood will be shed. Eardrums will be torn. Cadavers will be violated righteously, and video of it broadcasted for all the world to see. And this isn't even a Cannibal Corpse album. Fancy that.

This album would be jack all if it weren't for the stellar musicianship it expressed. All that shit that goes on behind the scenes to make the mix, well, fuckin' mix is essential for all bands. God Dethroned just did it way better than most of their contemporaries. This band has excelled in creating an amazing record at least twice, and this is the most amazing one. Its length, its musicianship, its sound, its skill, its nigh-flawless execution all contribute (to my hyperbole). Are they the best? Certainly not. They're pretty fucking high up on the list, though, and that counts for something. Why? Because my opinion counts more than yours. Bitch. No, I'm kidding. I just write for more websites than you do. Eat that.

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