God Dethroned - The Toxic Touch LP (Mint Green vinyl)


Mint vinyl limited to 250 copies, including insert.

The seventh full length studio work 'The Toxic Touch' sticks to the roots, but also takes a few steps ahead. However, the directions the band have now moved are quite obvious to anyone who have followed this band. This is the most melodic album from the band to date. Thankfully, the melodies bear God Dethroned trademark. Together with Henri Sattler's (also guitar) recognizable growled voice the melodiousness makes the music easily identified. The band itinerates between chastisements such as 'Hating Life', 'Falling down' and 'Macabre World' to moody pieces e.g. the song 5 to 7 and 'Typhoid Mary', that hark back to 'Bloody Blasphemy' (1999) and 'The Grand Grimoire' (1997) albums. The moodier deparments is the band's stronger side in my opinion.