GOD DETHRONED - The Toxic Touch LP (Green Vinyl)
God Dethroned

GOD DETHRONED - The Toxic Touch LP (Green Vinyl)

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God Dethroned was leaning that direction with “The Lair of the White Worm,” but now groove and melody have been officially infused with their Blackened Death/Thrash sound.

“The Toxic Touch” still manages to keep things brutal but all of the tracks are twice as catchy and memorable than anything else God Dethroned has done before. The music is still black-inspired, although not nearly as much as before, primarily found in the vocals. The overall speed of the album is slower than previous releases as well, foregoing pure brutality for sweet guitar hooks.

The thrash-style riffs are awesome, and the guitar leads and solos that are in nearly every song fit in perfectly; Isaac Delahaye abilities are simply fantastic. Drums have changed a bit with noticeably less blast beats but they still shine bright and add to the groove. Bass is just as great and also adds significantly to God Dethroned’s new sound. However, the greatest instrument the in the band’s arsenal is Henri Sattler’s vocals. His signature snake-like death-rasps are (in my opinion) the greatest in extreme metal, all the while being 100% comprehensible. He is truly worthy of the nickname The Serpent King. Making everything pure perfection is the production on “The Toxic Touch,” making sure that not a single magnificent aspect of the album is unheard.

Just like what can be found in their previous album’s “Nihilism,” God Dethroned can take an already brutal song and kick it out even louder halfway through. At 3:04 during both “2014" and “On Wings of Pestilence” the choruses are repeated, only with everything turned up to eleven. I absolutely love it.

God Dethroned became my favorite band with their amazing combination of genres and sounds and they finally finished their transformation with “The Toxic Touch.” While I am a little disappointed that a majority of the black metal influence was lost, this was still one of the best releases in 2006. Certainly a huge difference from their early years, but in this Blackened Death/Groove/Thrash band’s case, change is good.

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