GOATLORD - Distorted Birth: The Demos 2-CD

GOATLORD - Distorted Birth: The Demos 2-CD

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CD 1
· "Sodomize the Goat" '88 demo.
CD 2
· Demo '87 (Tracks 1-4)
· Promo '91 (Tracks 5-6)

Limited to 300 copies.

'Distorted Birth: The Demos' collects the early history of a band that would mark their grounds with a different approach than some other groups. Most people I would imagine would like their heart to constantly be jerked and blood to flow at an accelerated rate from their extreme metal material. Goatlord slows things down on their demos, but still delivers an atmosphere that is hard to rival even with the lacking sound quality here. With this collection Goatlord's evolution shows, coming out with the best material being 'Sodomize the Goat' and the promo from '91. And the '87 demo being a trial run of what was to come from the band. What's impressive is that the amount of music put on their '88 demo is 12 tracks and clocked at over an hour, considering most demos are 3 to 5 tracks and only typically deliver enough to get a glimpse of the band. I would definitely recommend this to someone who doesn't mind harsher production and has an appetite for some atmospheric blackened death and doom.