GEHENNA - Adimiron Black (Black Vinyl)

GEHENNA - Adimiron Black (Black Vinyl)

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Every time when I hear in some conversations or read on some forums or websites about Gehenna, the most of the people there like to talk about the great early albums or about less successful latest releases, but they for some reasons, I don't know why, don't mention their middle album "Adimiron Black", which I personally consider as Gehenna's best. I noticed that "AB" is not as famous as the first trilogy or "WW" and "Murder" with blackened death sound on which they just wanted to cash in. Yes, I agree on the album I describe, we can observe some death metal influences, but these are tolerable here in such a little amount. But also on "Adimiron Black" we can hear certain symphonic moments, which just embellishes the music there more.

The vocals and all of the instruments here give away the total pure hatred. No, musicians are not anti-christian, they are completely devoted to their work and spare no effort while singing and playing. They didn't lose this really important exchange through the years.

The drums here are one of the best I've ever heard. Blod had carried out much work with drums, so they sound on this album perfectly. Guitars are also brilliant, maybe they may seem some kinda distorted for the listeners, but that gives the special sound and "stiffens" the melodies and riffs.

Vocals are literally soaked with fury, real black metal wrath. Also, these vocals are not the common screaming or growling, they sound truly malicious and sp

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