Funebrarum / Interment - Conjuration Of The Sepulchral LP (Black vinyl)


It was a great idea to start this split off with Funebrarum’s side because of their slower sound and it is heavy as hell. The guitar riffs will cause earthquakes, the guttural growls will make Priests run for the hills, and the drums will make churches burn to the ground. As I mentioned, this is a really slow version of death metal, very similar to that of Grave, which is interesting since they covered “Into The Grave” and did it very well, as well as covering “Caught In A Vortex” by Abhorrence which really seems to show off their style quite well. However, it wasn’t the cover songs that grabbed my attention about Funebrarum, it was their original compositions “Kingdom Of Suffering Souls” and “Grave Reaper”. There’s a lot of things in these songs that threw me for a loop and made my neck and spine separate from one another. As I said, it was VERY smart to put Funebrarum’s portion in the front lines of battle, because it builds you up for Interment’s half.

Now for Interment’s portion of “Conjuration Of The Sepulchral”. Interment broke up a long time ago after forming in ‘88, but for some reason they reformed and this is their first release back, but they sure as hell don’t sound rusty at all. If anything, it sounds like they’ve been playing these songs for years. Each one is incredibly catchy with groovy riffs prodding your ears with very stylish drumming to match, and we even have three Cenitex members gracing us with their presence, so that automatically tells me that they’ve been around the death metal scene for quite a while. All of Interment’s songs on this split are originals, which really put a plus in my book. As I mentioned before, this band is all about the Swedish death metal and nothing else. They play very well and the songs that really grabbed me by the balls were “Infernal Damnation”, “Black Hollow Black”, and “Outro: The Soul Collector”, a nice little instrumental before the split ends.

I think this splits intent was to try and bring some of the “darkest” death metal up from the underground, and while I feel I’ve heard “darker” bands, this split did a very good job. Both Funebrarum and Interment in my book are stellar bands, and because of this I had bought Funebrarum’s 2002 full-length “Beneath The Columns Of Abandoned Gods”, and I suggest you all do the same along with buying this wonderful split CD and look out for any other releases from Interment as well."