Fuck The Facts ‎– Die Miserable -CD


Fuck the Facts' style has slowly migrated over the years, and on Die Miserable, they're riff-centric, mildly groovy, and very passionate; and, once and for all, they've discarded the humor they leaned on in their earlier records. Fuck the Facts is currently a lean, muscular beast, focused on strong riffs and cohesive songs. It suits them.

The album's eight songs are packed with tightly-coiled riffs that spring from trebley skronk into palm-muted metal parts, with plenty of pinch harmonics peppered about. The bass playing is thankfully audible, and often the basslines work counter to the guitars, leaping into action when the guitars are holding out chords. The opening riff to "Lifeless" sounds like an inside-out deconstruction of Mastodon's "Blood and Thunder," but the song continues for seven more minutes and bounces in unexpected directions. These are busy songs, and there's plenty to discover on repeat listens.

Vocalist Mel Mongeon has a fiery and energetic presence. Bassist Marc Bourgon's backing vocals add some variety to the mix and the two voices have a nice contrast. The expansion from the three-piece lineup that recorded Disgorge Mexico to the current five members has allowed the songs to sound fuller and the versatility of having two guitarists is keeping their songs more interesting texturally.

Die Miserable is the best Fuck the Facts album yet, and if this lineup can stay together for a while, I'm confident they'll only get better from here.