Fuck Off - Hell On Earth II -CD


Still under the influence of the fameous Another Sacrifice intro did I get their second album. I thought if it was half as good as the debut I would love it, but as certain aspects of life, time, space and metal change so did Fuck Off change. Unfortunately, in certain cases the changes go wrong, or at least go less metal, and appear to be only a shadow of their debut albums.
In cases like this, you get a slayerish debut album, and a masterpiece followup. The album itself, while not in any way musically connected to Holy Terror has simmilar patterns with it, first of all it's TONS better than the debut, it's mature, and quite evolved, with pounding heavy as fuck riffing, and of course the vocalist improved himself a lot. The second thing in common these two albums would have time needed to adopt to it, it's completely different and unique stuff, something you've never heard, and that definetly needs to be listened at least 10 times. I compared it with Mind Wars because I got both the albums in the same time, but after a quick listen I didn't get hooked up, so I resigned. I listened to both the albums again a few months later, and I don't think I ever stopped.

Such is the nature of godly, unique albums, once hooked up, you never get off it, and the good thing is, this drug is not going to kill you. It might have the same effect as alcohol though, giving you headaches, neckaches, and sudden urges to smash something, but what the hell.
Usually I'd always write my riff/vocal/drum impresions before I start reviewing the songs, but this time I'll try to do both simultaneously.

We sail away with the riffish Embrion which opens our ears to one of the coolest songs ever made - Witch(Hell beyond the Belly). Diabolical Pact! The first thing I will say is that the drumming is fucking HEAVY, and greatest thing of all... it's thrash. It's not concentrated on speed at all, that's the guitar's job, actually, the album is not fast, it's just goddamn heavy! I'll leave the riffs behind for now... and come to the main attraction. I don't know who or what or where the hell did he come from, but this guy has the coolest vocals I ever heard! He's like... well... nothing I ever heard, with a spanish accent - simply awesome, sounding pissed off and drunk as hell, plus being insanely godly at the same time.
When You Never Have To Say His Name confirms that fact definetly, going fast and catchy all the way. Right after it you got Don't You Have Fear with it's heavy as fuck opener riff, then the main chorus kicks in, enriched with the vocal's killer accent, and after that a crazy solo, all nicely packed up in a headbanger's ball. Midnight Confessions is my second favorite song on the album, it's got something absurdly catchy in itself, and that was the first song I heard from Fuck Off in the first place. The song itself is composed of a unlimited number of riffs plus the two word chorus, and guess what, it works. As soon as it ends, you want more and each time you hear the song your appetite increases.

And of course the riffs should be mentioned! Enough said, they're thrash. Not a riff here could be mistaken for something else but thrash, hell, it doesn't even have a single speed riff, it's so goddamn thrash it's simply amazing. And when it comes to soloing these guys are really something, melody, technicality, simplicity, you name it, they play it once and then they play it multiple times. Just look at Blasphemy, there's gotta be at least 5 solos there, adding to it that cool chorus and heavy as fuck ending riff, you got yourself a nobel prize for thrash.

Then there's the holy trio of the album... from Hell on Earth, to Inqusicion and the ending In Your Grave. All three amazing songs, with Hell on Earth being the most superior on the entire album. It's true and there's no helping it -a million riffs, an insanely catchy chorus with a simple and effective melody under it that gets to you immediately, plus there's like... a dozen solos in the middle.
Solos... :drools: Yep, that was the best solo part I ever heard in thrash.
Inqusicion is interesting and I actually understood most of it, and In Your Grave is a midpaced crusher in the vein of... maybe Overkill. A very good song, and a good way to teach someone what is thrash all about.

The last one is an 9 minute instrumental. Even though it lasts long, it does not lose it's grip on your balls, and keeps on thrashing till the end. There's a cool bass solo in the middle, and then the song kinda slows down until you get skull fucked by a Running Wild riff gone thrash. Amazing.