Fractal Universe - Rhizomes Of Insanity LP (Light Yellow vinyl)


Limited edition of 200 copies.

Long story short, this album is pretty much a modern day masterpiece.  It isn't super original, but, in a way, it is.  It takes from a variety of different acts and puts them all together into one, epic progressive technical death metal juggernaut.  The groove and the atmosphere all mix perfectly together to make a Soreption-meets-Gorod type of band featuring Nicola Gruhn of Virvum on lead guitar.  Every track has a flow that it sticks with throughout the entire track.

This album is perfect.  The riffs are impeccable, the flow is omnipresent, the production compliments the technicality, the vocalist has a perfect growl that isn't too low or too raspy, and the music is interesting enough for its hour-long runtime to not be an issue.  This is the epitome of modern progressive technical death metal because of how it captures emotions while maintaining chaos and will, to me, forever remain a classic.