FOSSILIZATION - Leprous Daylight LP (Black Vinyl)

FOSSILIZATION - Leprous Daylight LP (Black Vinyl)

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Limited repress to 250 Regular Black Vinyl.
180 grams vinyl. Insert and Digital Download included.

Brazilian death-doom metallers Fossilization created a stir in the underground with their fantastic EP and split with Ritual Necromancy. Now they return, this time with a debut full length...

Solemn riffing contorts into life with intricate cymbal work, introducing the diabolic onslaught of evil extremity gloriously. While eerie, cavernous and otherworldly, the ferocity and punchiness of Fossilization is unmistakably intense with a savage execution. Throwing us in with such force can only promise greatness, The convulsive and malicious sounds are packed with exciting twists and turns from the earliest moment, giving a reek of archaic death metal prowess with their own uniquely mangled twists. Utilising dissonance, the upheaval of comfort is instant, surging through realms of decay and aggression with profoundly disquieting atmospherics. Amidst the churning guitars and scathing drum work, the crunchy low-end is equally brutal, as are the inhuman snarls of the vocalist. The entire cacophony of putrescence working in unison, as a lumbering behemoth of morbidity, to obliterate all that lies in their wake.