Fluisteraars / Turia - De Oord LP (Black vinyl)


I totally understand why splits where bands throw on unused material exist and they can be cool. That said, I wish splits like De Oord were more commonplace. Fluisteraars and Turia both hail from the Gelderland region of the Netherlands and this split is an homage to history. The split explores the history associated with two rivers - the Waal and the Rhine - which run through their respective hometowns. Both bands give us two long songs in which they cover a lot of sonic territory. You can really tell this is meant to be a conceptual split - both songs flow into each other seamlessly and are similar in approach.

De Oord is my introduction to Fluisteraars and I have to say I'm impressed. They merge melody and atmosphere with their 15 minute epic. The early melodies in "Oeverloos" immediately caught my attention, conjuring images of a mighty blaze. The groggy rasp are great and the choral vocals at the end are a really nice touch. For Turia, what really piqued my interest for the band was their unusual take on Indian melodies ushered into a black metal sound. As cool as it would be to have some of that here, I suppose it didn't really make sense give what theme the split is inspired by. Fret not, as "Aan den Gloven" is a mighty slab of black metal masterclass. This gets a bit more riff-heavy than the first song, but also has it's fair share of melody and atmosphere. The drumming is booming and powerful. The song ends on a post-rock tinged atmospheric note with nice splashes of piano. The production on both sides are great and this ends up being a much more immersive split than most.