Fluisteraars - Dromers LP (Black vinyl)


Fluisteraars’ recently released first full-length album Dromers is a highly ambitious endeavor for a debut that I am pleased to say succeeds on just about every level. On a general level, the band’s sound is thoroughly black metal, but assimilates folk and atmospheric influences that render the outcome to be tastefully original and crushing all at once.

As mentioned, the style of this album borders on atmospheric, but it is not an album that allows you to sink into a meditative state at any point throughout its 35 minute duration. Pounding riffs carry you forward in a momentum that refuses to loosen any grip it may have upon you. There is some definite folk influence in the choice of melody, but it’s incorporated without being overdone and adds an engaging flavour to Fluisteraar’s songwriting choices. Another interesting choice in this album is how despite having vocals, the songs are more instrumentally driven than anything. Especially in the first track, De Doornen, long passages will go by without any hint of vocals. This role is substituted by the guitar’s folk-influenced melodies to drive the song forward and can be downright catchy at times.

The highlight of this album is definitely the guitar-work in my opinion as it is thoroughly engaging on every level. It will simultaneously crush you in an almost visceral manner with its raw tone, yet lift your heart and spirit. While the bass does not play the most inspirational role, it rumbles underneath the aggression of the guitar adding a warmth and depth that fills out the overall sound with its mere unapologetic presence. The drums switch fairly constantly between a wall-of-sound blast beat style to an almost swinging drum beat. Either way, they’re on point, rhythmically interesting, and tactfully delivered.