Fleurety - Min Tid Skal Komme LP (Black vinyl)


In regards to Fleurety, this is a band who manage to make their imperfections sound as exhilarating as the perfections, which consume any wrong doing that may appear during the entirety of the record. For the most part, ‘Min Tid Skal Komme’ is a story of juxtaposed ideas, simultaneously played out alongside one another. Examples of this can be found throughout the record, but take a look at the way in which the instrumental song ‘Fragmenter Av Em Fremtid’ portrays its themes in comparison to the next song, ‘Absence’. The former is clean, allowing that lush bass to sweep over us like the wind and the hummed female voice is enchanting like a fantasy based children’s story, with a clean, life altering message that will stick with the child for a lifetime, becoming nostalgic in old age. This portrayal is completely different to the latter song, but just as important. The latter delves deep into the mire of black metal traditions and pulls out all the stops in order to prevent us, the listener, from questioning the black metal elements. That dirty, grimy feel of the atmosphere as the guitar distortion and rasped vocals combine to give the child’s story a more sinister alternate ending.