Fleshcrawl - As Blood Rains From The Sky... LP (Black vinyl)


first time ever on vinyl: 180 gram black vinyl

Discography of Fleshcrawl is full of killers and not even one filler. "As Blood Rains from the Sky...We Walk the Path of Endless Fire" is also fuckin awesome album, one of their best actually. This is pure death metal massacre as I like to say. These Germans obviously have been insanely infected with the Swedish style of death metal, so their music has a strong similarity mainly to Dismember. It does not disturb me, especially because they are both amazing bands and both are equally good. Fleshcrawl has always killer riffs, great aggressive, vicious stuff, their music sounds very powerful and energetic, which is why it gives me a proper kick. And sometimes it also brings a great, memorable melody to prove that death metal can be also diverse and hmm... "nice"? Ha! "As Blood Rains from the Sky..." has everything you need to hear and from start it is an absolutely top notch, formidable death metal. Songwriting is very good, these songs have many fragments, which stick in my mind and are highlights. There's always a killer riff, great vocal line from Sven Gross... and awesome production (from Studio Fredman in Göteborg). I love how fast this material is (“Path of the Endless Fire” for instance), how vigorous... First few songs are rushing like crazy, it feels like Fleshcrawl was carrying out a relentless attack, crushing with no mercy. It’s until fifth or sixth song, when we can finally take a breath with songs like “The Dark Side of My Soul”. So, as I said, no boredom, but pure death metal massacre!!!