Flamekeeper - We Who Light The Fire LP (Black vinyl)


Flamekeeper are a brand new act that only have this short release to their name so far. We Who Light The Fire sure does pack in a lot of ideas for only being around twenty five minutes, making it incredible and overbearing at the same time. With a genre tag like "epic heavy/power/black metal," you know you're in for some sort of bumpy ride.

With that, Flamekeeper waste no time and get right to the punches immediately following the intro. Regarding the black metal, I can't say that there's really much of that to it (thankfully). "Nomads Of The World Beyond" definitely does incorporate blistering drums drums and speed-picking that fit the bill in the second half. There's also some Cronos-esque grunts in "Dead Sea Waters," but really that's more of a traditional style made rough. Interestingly, that's what makes up a good majority of this anyway. Classic styles of riffing and rhythmic patterns create a sturdy web to home just about everything on this. If there's anything consistent about We Who Light The Fire, it's that.

But there's plenty more to it, because adding the epic tag is certainly necessary. There's a medieval and majestic feel that leaks into the cracks, mostly taking heavy precedence in the opening of these tracks. Powerful vocals are also boasted to assist the blackened snarls, which works sometimes. Other times this feels a bit awkward, leaving me unsure of where things were intended to go. This ends with a cover of Necromantia's "Ancient Pride," which throws everything around even more.

Thankfully whatever is attempted here is pulled off pretty well. The wild combination of genres isn't something you see everyday, especially with such little time to work with. Those who want something that goes down easy might have a hard time digesting, since there's a lot going on here. At least things stay interesting the whole time, and fans of any of the styles that I mentioned should consider giving it a spin.