FIREWIND - The Premonition Gatefold LP (Yellow/Black/Green Splatter Vinyl)
FIREWIND - The Premonition Gatefold LP (Yellow/Black/Green Splatter Vinyl)

FIREWIND - The Premonition Gatefold LP (Yellow/Black/Green Splatter Vinyl)

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How do you follow up an amazing album that not only serves as a definative landmark in your career, but as a perfect summation of what you genre should sound like today? Firewind's 2006 release "Allegiance" did this for myself and others, and when it came time to follow it up, I was both very anxious and afraid of what the band may produce. Mediocrity seemed almost eminant. However, I'm happy to say this was very much not the case.
The band has managed to follow Allegiance pretty much perfectly, though this album definitely breaks a bit less ground than its predecessor. There's more guitar and keyboard dueling overall, Apollo's vocals sound much clearer, and the general music approach is more straight forward. The riff style tends to have more in common with older Firewind albums, mainly Forged By Fire. Gus G brings some of his best solos ever to this album, bar none. My favorite tracks are Head Up High, Mercenary Man, Remembered, and The Silent Code, but honestly there's not a bad track to be found.
So, in retrospect, The Premonition serves as an excellent follow-up to Allegiance that is sure to please just about any Firewind fan. "Allegiance" will always hold a place in my heart, and this album may suffer just slightly for having followed such a landmark in this great band's career. However, this is not to say that this is a clone of Allegiance, nor is it an inferior style change. I myself continue to be very satisfied, and I'm sure many fans will feel the same way.

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