Finntroll - Midnattens Widunder LP (Black vinyl)


Harsh Folk Metal classic on vinyl!

What is presented to us in “Midnattens Widunder” is a definitely strong pack of material. Most of the songs are based on simple formula: intro; verse; different verse; interlude; breakdown; interlude; verse, and whatever happens from there. And what strikes as the most odd thing (for metalheads, at least), is the lack of guitar solos. Now, don’t get us wrong, in this albums the guitars actually did something worthwhile, but it’s mostly (if not all) rythm. Where a solo would normally go, we get into an atmospheric breakdown with folk instruments, and after a while the song bursts again. This is what happens in “Svartberg”, “Rivfader” and “Vätteanda”.

What makes this album so good then? For one, the riffs. They aren’t the most elaborate work of shredtastic composition, but they are presented in a very strong manner. For example, the main riff in “Svartberg” kicks ass because of how the guitar kicks in backing up the keyboard. Another example of great coordination between guitar and keyboard is the intro riff to the title track, where the keyboard misses a beat that’s filled in with a guitar chord. There are several other things that evidence that there was in fact some thought put into this album, like the keyboard intro/outro tracks, the classy accordion solo in the title track or the little “break” from pretty much everything that is “Bastuvisan”, a short, simple and fast-paced little song which shows the band’s sense of humor.

Which takes us to the lyrics. It’s a bunch of trolls rambling about how much they like to kick Christian ass, but obviously being told in a serious and story-like way. In conclusion, this is worth at least a listen from any Folk Metal fan, or even most Black Metal fans. Listening to it makes your day, any day, anytime.

For fans of: Vintersorg, Falkenbach, Thyrfing, Satyricon, Korpiklaani, Bathory, Moonsorrow, Eluveitie.