Fifth Angel - Time Will Tell Digi-CD


Fifth Angel is a band that I am surprised to see that they have not exactly hit it big. Their music, is extremely accessable and memorable, expecially on Time Will Tell. The first album had more of an early Queensryche sound to it, except that the vocals weren't really all that high. This is one album that I can listen to repeatedly surprising without really getting bored, because the songs are very catchy, yet they have great instrumentation to keep you interested in the music.

Fifth Angel, although coming from the same area as Crimson Glory and Queensryche, they were able to maintain a sound all their own, with a singer who is not just a clone of a Midnight or Geoff Tate, but has a voice that can rival them. Like CG and the Ryche, they also have two extremely talented guitar players that can play virtually anything they would want to. For a heavier edge from Fifth Angel, buy the first album, but for a more memorable and catch album, Time Will Tell is a must.