Fifth Angel - Fifth Angel Digi-CD


There are not many albums of this exemplary status in the mid 80s, for this was the time in which thrash was perfected and rapidly changing the landscape for most of the evolving metal fans. Traditional metal still thrived in the US and Europe, and Fifth Angel was certainly a band ready for the radio, but for some reason the connection was never made beyond the college metal station rotation. When you consider that bands like Bonfire or House of Lords (the latter also featuring drummer Ken Mary) made a small impact with videos and radio exposure, it absolutely boggles my mind that this Seattle act were not the biggest thing since the invention of the hair lint remover. Don't be turned off by their nearly glam looks, or pop friendly musical narrative, this was a great metal band and if you appreciate good songs and hooks then I'd highly recommend you track this debut down and dive in deeply. Its far better than the follow-up album, and if "Fade to Flames" cannot draw at least a tear from you for brighter, better times, well you're probably some remote appendage of SkyNet.