Exhumed ‎– Anatomy Is Destiny -CD


Anatomy Is Destiny is a great gore metal album in the sense that it has the perfect recipe for a great gore metal album. The music is stripped-down but relatively well-produced, shredding and often down-tuned guitars with a prominent and thumping bass line. The drummer, while not flashy or a showoff, plays with the correct precision and complexity for this record. The bipolar vocal assault is one of the best aspects of this album, the vocals always matched the musical context present. The artwork is disturbing but pleasing to the gore fiends' eyes. As if this were not enough, the album has a brilliant title. It relates to the content of the album and it is catchy, one of those titles that could easily become a classic, one that if said in a conversation among metalheads no one would ask "Who made that album?" The spectacular aura of this album is only exceeded by what it contains.

Exhumed maintain the same level of intensity throughout the disc, never letting up for an overrated "soft section" or anything even remotely close to it. "The Matter of Splatter" is my pick for the best track on the disc. It starts with one of the most haunting and tortured but amazing screams I have ever heard over a thick layer of distorted shredding. From there the whole song keeps you intrigued and keeps up the brutal intensity with every new riff. "Under the Knife" is also an excellent track, it constantly pummels your senses into submission and one cannot help but to nod your head to the beat. "Nativity Obscene - A Nursery Chyme" is definitely one of the strangest songs I've heard because in the middle of the song the typical down-tuned riffage is accompanied by the soft sound of a children's choir or something, singing at a completely different tempo then the music. This brings about a sense of disturbance, in which no matter what you might be doing while listening to the song, that other activity quickly becomes second in your mind to what you are hearing. This haunting interlude only increases one's interest in the music and how the idea of putting that sound bite over death metal came together. Where this album falters is that some of the riffs are played slightly too long or seem to reappear in other songs with very minute differences. This made some of the songs sound tired and uninspired.

This album as a whole is another stellar record of gory death metal from one of the most prominent American bands in the genre. Exhumed have never compromised their sound, always crossing lines and pushing the boundaries and not heeding to what is considered obscene and hopefully will continue that trend in the future.