Evoken - Embrace The Emptiness 2-LP (Black vinyl)


The heavy and slow riffing is drenched in a gloomy, murky aura, that grabs hold of your innards, twists it and evokes a feeling of desperation, angst and despair. Extremely beautiful and melodic, without losing brutality and ferocity. There are moments reminiscing of a classic doom metal sound, although the death reeking funeral vibe is what overwhelms you with emotions. Combining that ultra heavy riffing with the rhythmic drumming easily sends you into a catatonic state, with wickedly beautiful and masterful drum-work. Adding yet another aspect of saddened atmosphere via the keyboard just enhances all previously said emotions. The vocals vary from clean to slow, harsh, deep growls, also masterfully done. There’s not an aspect of this album that isn’t just top notch.

Put on Embrace the emptiness, shade your windows, turn off the light, lie down in bed and let yourself get overwhelmed with emotions. Drift away in your mind and just let the feelings of solitude hit you. An utterly dark album that every fan of funeral doom/death metal should own.