EVERGREY - A Heartless Portrait Gatefold 2-LP (Black Vinyl)

EVERGREY - A Heartless Portrait Gatefold 2-LP (Black Vinyl)

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Gatefold, 180 gram.

Evergrey continue to be the leaders in sadboi progressive metal, and A Heartless Portrait is a quality addition to their canon. The band has tapped into additional aggressiveness that has always come through on stage but rarely on record, and of course Englund sounds fantastic. With some bulked-up songs comes a bit more, I don’t know – vitality? Urgency? – in the delivery, resulting in a stronger release than last year’s Escape of the Phoenix5A Heartless Portrait is fun to play, and fun to play loud. I’m sure it will be a couple more years before the next release, as bands crank up the touring machine again, but this bodes well for the quality of future albums

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