EUCHARIST - Mirrorworlds Digipack CD

EUCHARIST - Mirrorworlds Digipack CD

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Eucharist's classic 1997 album re-released on 6-panel digipack CD.

Though in subsequent years this album has amassed a fairly respectable cult following, during its initial run in what was the golden age of Gothenburg, this album was sidelined and never managed even a fraction of the attention that would be heaped upon Whoracle, or even that of The Mind's I and Stigmata. Some might point to this being a little less stylistically focused and not geared towards radio play, but honestly, the truth probably rest upon the fact that this band just couldn't build the level of credibility with the scene due to their on-again, off-again nature. But when putting aside the instability that dogged this band since its late-80s inception and focusing squarely on the contents of this album, Eucharist was a cut above the competition, outshining just about every seminal entry of the full codified, post-1994 sound with the exceptions of The Crown's Eternal Death and Dark Tranquillity's The Gallery. To this day it remains unfairly marginalized and in dire need of a larger audience, and those who continue to believe that the old Gothenburg style was a lesser successor to the legacy of the old school death metal scene should give this album and A Velvet Creation a listen and think again.

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