EUCHARIST - A Velvet Creation Digipack CD
EUCHARIST - A Velvet Creation Digipack CD

EUCHARIST - A Velvet Creation Digipack CD

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Eucharist's classic debut album re-released on 6-panel digipack CD.

Eucharist's first album demonstrates a full spectrum of musical possibilities, in all aspects concerned, of the melodically-enhanced union of black and death metal styles, otherwise known as the 'Gothenburg' style of metal, a type of metal that began with such promise before quickly devolving into essentially revved-up power metal with death growls. The music functions and flows in a similar vein as early At the Gates and Dissection, with streaming melodies of the fast-picked tremolo variety guiding songs through a series of thematically defined movements in progressive structures, threading a flowing motion of delicate beauty through a multi-tiered structural carving of raw and dark emotion in a continuous process of existential self-discovery and observational perception of external conflicts, executed with deadly instrumental precision.

While compositional coherence varies between songs, when Eucharist nail it, as in the aforementioned "Greeting Immortality", the visionary nightsky invasion of "Into the Cosmic Sphere", or the 2 1/2 minute blast of sublime excited terror of perceptive realization that is "Once My Eye Moved Mountains", they portray a mastery of the melodic blackened death metal craft rivaling the best of the style. The music is charged with the energy flowing from the joy and motivation of meaningful creativity, and in that moment of artistic conjuration, actualizing a journey of universal discovery through its deep-reaching inward investigation.

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