ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW - Sinner's Serenade Digipack CD
Eternal Tears Of Sorrow

ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW - Sinner's Serenade Digipack CD

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Official reissue on 6 panels digipak, limited to 500 copies.

Previously, both demos were quite promising, containing fast guitar riffs and excellent pitched vocals. Plus, all 10 tracks have amazing lyrics containing all darkness and death a melodic song can carry along.

In a personal point of view, as a first CD, it might have been flaw-less. However, we are talking here about human beings, and no matter how amazingly well they play, they can also have some mistakes. Taking the CD as a whole, the first image we get from this finish band, is one who has a very particular sound. Both guitar players Jarmo Puolakanaho and Olli - Pekka Törrö, can perefectly fuse both lead and rythmic guitars, creating catchy tunes that can get stuck in your mind easily.

Although the album, has quite a ryhtym, that forces the listener to just headbang and join the music gladly, the whole atmoshpehe brakes at track 5 “Into The Deepest Waters”: a piece with absolutly no lyrics wich is quite a dissapoinment. It gives the impresion, that it was an unfinished song, or that noone could find proper lyrics that fitted in. Ergo, this piece sounds as if it was cut, which is a shame, for the song could have been one of the best in the album.

Probably the 2 best songs through out the whole cd are “Bard’s Burial” and “ The Son Of The Forest”. Maybe because this two tracks are flawless in any aspect and capture the whole escense of Eternal Tears of Sorrow. A pure sound of trash metal, that would later on fuse to symphonic death metal, but still lingering and still present in every tune.

The strong lyrics talking of sorrow, darkness and death, are perefectly fitted in the tracks, making an awesome record all together.Its defenitly a must have cd in every metalheads collection

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