Eternal Champion - The Armor Of Ire CD


I don’t access a band’s music by their size or impact, but it’s worth noting that Eternal Champion have joined right alongside Visigoth as part of a new generation of gateway drugs. Since the release of Eternal Champion’s debut, they’ve been propelled into a spotlight that reaches far beyond a typical US power or epic heavy metal band. They are ambassadors for the genre and for this I cannot thank them enough. I’ve used Eternal Champion as a reference point for getting people into bands like Manilla Road or USPM countless times now. The Armor of Ire has made people a lot more excited and willing to try out my favorite micro-genres. This revitalization of interest in turn has made it so much easier to share my passions with you all and that to me is awesome! 

Eternal Champion live up to their name – they’ve created something that is timeless. The Armor of Ire is a powerful, but new age testament to the past that has cemented Eternal Champion’s place as torchbearers of the new generation. I’m still not over just how well packaged this album truly is, time and time again I’ve revisited it and the magic is still there. The Armor of Ire is a modern classic and I do not use that term lightly.