Eternal Champion / Gatekeeper - Retaliator Vigilance Split CD


Eternal Champion and Gatekeeper are two killer upcoming bands who teamed up with the equally ace No Remorse Records to give us this release, which is like the perfect marriage of great music and great art.

I'll be straight up in saying the Eternal Champion side is my favourite - to near embarrassing fan boy levels, actually - but in all fairness "Retaliator" is a face-ripping USPM number that is hard not to love. Jam-packed with mega riffs, smashing rhythms, mighty lyrics, and Jason Tarpey's finest vocal performance to date; pure 80s epic metal glory. Seriously need a full-length.

Gatekeeper gives a bit more in terms of quantity with the deeply evocative "Vigilance" pieces sandwiching the pummeling "Angelus Noctium". One thing I will say is that Gatekeeper just keeps getting better, and here they proudly display their brand of epic metal. Without a doubt pounding, crowned by Shorre McColman's passionate vocals, some seriously cool lead guitar playing, and the best production they've had to date.

As a bonus to those who buy on CD, you get a nice amount of extra tracks with Eternal Champion's Last King Of Pictdom demo, and a whole host of sweet demo material from Gatekeeper. So there's plenty to keep you listening, and it adds further longevity. Absolutely recommended, this hasn't really left my playlists since buying. Great stuff!