Ereb Altor - Nattramn CD


Nattramn, the band’s fifth full length album, released at the end of April 2015, continues in the vein of the last two, focusing on merging their epic Viking metal with cold black metal atmospherics, but overall it seems to be a darker album than before. Bathory remains the band’s largest influence, which is quite evident with the adventurous pacing, crunchy riffs and frequent epic clean vocals. The album mixes between heavy handed segments of galloping riffs and crashing percussion, like “Dark Waters” and the closing track “The Nemesis of Frei” and more nuanced melodies driven forth by a wall of keyboard notes. It’s that essence of balance that makes this album work so well. Sure, the last album may have been called Fire Meets Ice, but Nattramn actually capitalizes on the phrase.

The meshing of epic Viking metal with clean vocals and harsher black metal histrionics with raspy growls is commendable.