EREB ALTOR - Blot-Ilt-Taut LP (Red Vinyl)
Ereb Altor

EREB ALTOR - Blot-Ilt-Taut LP (Red Vinyl)

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Bathory-Tribute Album with 7 Coverversions from different albums
Limited second pressing of 500 numbered copies (printed numbered sticker on sealing) on blood-red 180g Vinyl.

While none of these songs are new, it's really cool to hear Ereb Altor cover some of Bathory's greatest tracks with aplomb. From the Viking-tinged reworkings of material from Under the Sign of the Black Mark and The Return... to stellar renditions of Quorthon's peak of Viking metal, Ereb Altor proves that while Bathory is a huge influence, they can play the music with the best of them. This is one of those odd releases that may not garner much attention aside from the devout worshipers of Bathory and Ereb Altor, but it's a really awesome release nonetheless.